MomStrong Online


This is a program for Moms, built by Moms.
We've been where you are, we are where you are. We see your journey, but more than anything we see YOU.

We understand the exhaustion, the frustration and the total lack of understanding of what happened to your body 
after bringing your child(ren) into this world. 

We know you want to feel a sense of normalcy, a higher level of capability and confidence, and mama we are here to 
help you get there. 

Regardless of your current fitness level, what kind of exercise you enjoy, or how far postpartum you are;
there are some extremely important things you need to know about staying safe during your postpartum recovery.
Our professional and certified coaches provide up to date knowledge to ensure you are on a safe journey toward a healthy and happy you! 

Our goal within MomStrong is to empower moms with knowledge and awareness so you can return to your ideal version of
fitness - smartly, safely, confidently and get a fantastic workout too!

We want you feeling CONFIDENT and STRONG every day.
After-all, you did bring a little human (or a few) into this world. You're Superwoman and you should feel like it!


                                                   WELCOME TO MOMSTRONG!                                                   



*** All of our programs recommend being at least 7 weeks postpartum, have clearance from your doctor OR have consulted with a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist for further clearance. Every pregnancy and birth is different, there is no one program or one size fits all method. 

If you are not sure if our program is for you, please book a free consultation and we would be happy 
to help guide you. 


BASIC MEMBERSHIP - $40/month (month to month)


What's Included: 

  • Access to our Teachable Fundamentals Course which includes:
    - In-depth videos and information on our programming theory and methods
    - Breathing strategies to keep you safe and working towards a stronger body
    - Introduction and information on Diastasis Recti
    - Demonstrations and explanations of our base movements so you feel ready and able to tackle every workout
  • Strength & Conditioning LEVEL 1 workouts (12 workouts, 50-60 min) including:
    - Including warm up
    - Strength & core work
    - A "sweat" workout
    - Relaxing cool down 
  • 2 x Quick Fix workouts designed to get you in and out of your workout in 20-30 minutes, feeling sweaty and accomplished every time! 
  • 2 x Core Fix workouts designed to build strength, stability and repair your core afterbirth! (15 minute workouts)

Workout with us... Anytime... Anywhere! 

FULL MEMBERSHIP - $60/month - (month to month)


What's included: 

  • ALL of BASIC


  • FULL access to our Strength & Conditioning library Levels 1-4 
  • FULL access to our Core Fix workouts library 
  • FULL access to our Quick Fix workouts library 
  • FULL access to our Core Rehab workout library 
  • Access to our Private Facebook group which includes;
  • Monthly Live Q&A with Certified Nutrition Coaches specifically for pregnancy and postpartum nutrition, including topics such as:
    - breastfeeding nutrition
    - weight-loss at appropriate times in postpartum
    - family meal prepping when exhausted and busy
    - healthy supplementation 
  • Monthly Live Q&A with Certified Postpartum Coaches
  • Monthly Live Workshops & Seminars from professional guest speakers 
  • FYI Video-logs on important topics such as;
    - Diastasis Recti
    - Coning/bulging
    - Pelvic Floor dysfunction
    - Incontinence
    - Breathing Strategies
    - Symptoms of Dysfunction
    - Proper Movement Mechanics
    - Intensity vs Intention
    - Purpose of Training 
  • Printable PDF of Pregnancy and Postpartum Modifications and Considerations for safe and effective athletic training, Diastasis Recti, Incontinence during training & Common Mistakes in training 
  • Full support group and community of other moms looking to connect and be around likeminded moms who want to get fit, sweaty and feel their best! Sharing their stories, empowering one another and enjoying this amazing process, together! 
  • Fun and camaraderie. We're here to keep it REAL, down to earth and nothing but the #momtruths of #momlife!