Are you a new mom looking for a supportive, safe, exercise environment you can bring your baby to? Maybe you know one?

Our 6 Week MOM STRONG program is for ANY mom looking to get back into fitness. Regardless of your fitness level, and what kind of exercise you enjoy, there are some important things you need to know about staying safe during your postpartum recovery.
The goal of MOM STRONG is to empower new moms with that knowledge so you can return to your version of fitness safely and get a great workout too.

As always, classes will be tailored to the individual and limited to 10 moms (and babies!). This is appropriate for all fitness levels, and no CrossFit background is required.
Our facility includes the usage of the following items for moms to help keep babies occupied and having a blast while they get their fitness in! 

Jolly Jumper
9x9 play yard 
Fisher Price Sit Me Up Floor Seat 
Play Pen
Change room for breastfeeding if you desire privacy

*Classes are at a down time for the gym. The facility will be open only to our MomStrong class and personal training clients with appointments at that time.


Winter/Spring 2020
Tuesday March 10th - Tuesdays/Thursdays 1:30-2:30pm 

NEXT INTAKE: TBA Based on COVID19 updates

1x/week - $125pp 
2x/week - $210pp 

What's Included: 
- Classes coached by two fully certified Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticsm Coaches 

- Take home workbook that includes pregnancy and postpartum exercise considerations, strategies and modifications for reference and education (provides first/second/third trimester and fourth trimester postpartum considerations) 

- Workbook has notebook to keep track of your progress

- 1 hour workshop/seminar with Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, Marie Eve Knackers and Health Coach & Doula Diana DiPaolo McDonnell  focusing on pelvic floor health, awareness, breathing strategies, positive mindset as a new mom, healthy lifestyle options, nutrition choices and postnatal support. 

Are you currently pregnant?

 First, Congrats! Such an exciting time! 
Second, contrary to popular belief, staying active is so important to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby! We fully support and encourage safe movement throughout pregnancy followed by slow and safe integration postpartum. 

We offer 1 on 1 coaching sessions for those who are currently pregnant. Sessions and packages can be tailored to the individual, including 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions. 

We focus on:
- Pelvic floor awareness - to keep you moving safely through pregnancy and also to prepare you for birth in different ways 
- Proper movement mechanics - to keep you safe while still maintaining a healthy level of fitness and exercise 
- Educate on Diastasis Recti - separation of abdominals during pregnancy, how to protect this area and allow you to move safely during pregnancy without creating more damage to your core and abdominals when exercising 
- Breathing strategies during and after pregnancy to help integrate fitness throughout pregnancy and after 
- Safe and effective exercise and fitness including heart rate awareness for babies safety 
- Programs include at home workouts with little to no equipment 
- Also includes a safe modifications booklet for pregnancy and postpartum 

If you'd like to book a consultation with one of our coaches we would love to sit down and see how we can help you through your pregnancy!