Lifestyle Challenge

Are you looking to QUIT a BAD HABIT? 
Maybe you're trying to become a MORNING PERSON and get MORE out of your day? 
Is FITNESS and EXERCISE something you've found intimidating but really want to give it a shot? 
Do you get confused or overwhelmed by NUTRITION and HEALTHY FOOD CHOICES? 
Do you wish you had MORE ENERGY and could feel RESTED every morning? 
Is the thought of SUMMER approaching leaving you feeling a little nervous for those beach days? 

Our NEW 2020 Lifestyle Challenge is designed with YOU in mind!

This 30 day Lifestyle Challenge is no ordinary challenge. It will leave you

 EDUCATE you on NUTRITION and ACTUALLY HEALTHY CHOICES (no more guessing when looking at products) 
TEACH you how to get proper SLEEP and stay HYDRATED (swapping out bad habits for healthy ones) 
FUEL your BODY with what it needs to get you the RESULTS you want 
Help you feel CONFIDENT and DECREASE your STRESS 

Okay, so you're probably wondering, HOW will this challenge help you? We're glad you asked! 

Here's how it works:

At the beginning of the challenge you'll attend our Passport Launch Party, with multiple booths manned by certified professionals to give you the details on what to expect, how to navigate our app,
detailed print outs and take aways to keep you informed, educated and excited to get started! 
At the end of the Passport Launch Party you will have your InBody scan to show your body weight, body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat and water weight. 
You will get customized macronutrients from one of our certified Nutrition & Wellness Coaches (all certified through Working Against Gravity - check out their success stories here, you could be next!)  
(how much carbs, proteins, fats should you be eating daily to reach your specific goals) 
You will download our APP for tracking purposes (you'll log in and see your list of daily and weekly tasks to earn POINTS towards the leaderboard) 
You will check in with a coach once per week for feedback and accountability 
You will have access to our Private FB Group for Q&A and community support 
At the end of the challenge you will have a repeat fitness test to see just how much you've progressed in 30 days (trust us, the results are always eye opening!) 
You will also have a second InBody scan to show you the REAL results (how much body fat have you lost, did you gain muscle, have you lost over all weight?)  

The Finer Details

Challenge starts MONDAY APRIL 6th, 2020 
Join us for our Passport Launch Party on Saturday April 4th, 12:30pm

- Customized Macronutrients 
- Fully customized APP for easy access on tracking your food, progress photos (if you choose), challenges, sleep, hydration, mobility and MORE! 
- APP has leaderboard and helps keep you accountable along with your teammates 
- 4 daily workouts per week (for inside or outside the gym) 
- Weekly Check ins with your designated coach
- Weekly LIVE Q&A with one of our coaches 
- Access to Private Facebook Group 
- TWO Inbody Scans 
- Fitness test at the beginning and end of the challenge 


CFSTC MEMBERS - $139.00 
NON MEMBER - $169.00 



1st place 
$200 CFSTC Gift Card 
$50 Farm Boy Gift Card 
$50 Lululemon Gift Card 
1 Hour PT Mobility Session with Dr Scapp Rehab & Performance 
Goodie Bag (perk pack, healthy treats and more!) 


2nd place
$100 CFSTC Gift Card 
$25 Farm Boy Gift Card 
30 minute PT Mobility Session with Dr Scapp Rehab & Performance 
Goodie Bag (perk pack, healthy treats and more!) 

3rd place 
$50 CFSTC Gift Card 
$25 Farm Boy Gift Card
Goodie Bag (perk pack, healthy treats and more!)