Crossfit St. Catharines
  • Phone: (289)668-7409
  • Location: 50 Niagara St., Unit C01, St. Catharines, ON (MAP)
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St. Catharines Barbell Club

St. Catharines Barbell Club

The St. Catharines Barbell Club is an official member designated by the Ontario Weightlifting Association.

This club was designed with the prospective and enthusiastic weightlifting athlete in mind. As St. Catharines is an ever growing city and home to both Niagara College and Brock University, we developed the SCBC to allow those who are looking to compete in an Ontario Weightlifting Association (or similar) sanctioned weightlifting meet the opportunity to learn, be challenged, thrive and be successful in their chosen sport. 

The program is designed so that athletes are properly instructed by a coach with a high level of education, experience and programming and guidance through all steps necessary to prepare them for a weightlifting competition.

Athletes will be guided through the hows, whys, specifics and purposes of the programming provided. They will never be handed a piece of paper and left on their own. Our methods are designed to be direct, hands on and influential to ensure the highest level of success for the athlete. The athletes will have specific coaching and instruction for technique, accessory work and overall development. They will also be educated and prepared on how to get ready for ‘the stage’ of weightlifting.

Interested in more information, or coming out to a free session, please email us with subject line: St. Catharines Barbell Club.