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There are many theories behind how and what you should eat. Google is full of "do this, don't do that", with a contradictory article to follow. We know, its confusing, and we're here to help. 

At CrossFit St. Catharines we strive to find the most realistic nutrition route for our members so that their goals are not only attainable, they feel comfortable and enjoy the process. You aren't restricted and told NO every time you'd like to enjoy your food. We work with you to create a lifelong change for the better with your nutrition. 

If you are you looking to
- increase performance
- shed a little extra weight
- gain muscle mass
- increase energy in day to day activities 
- accelerate your workouts 
- fit in those sexy pants you want to wear so much!

If you're wondering why the hard work you are putting IN the gym and into your workouts might not be getting you the physical results you are looking for, looking at your nutrition should be the first step. 

Nutrition plays the biggest part in your overall health, wellness and results. You can spend hours in the gym, but if your nutrition isn't on point - your results might not be either.

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