Crossfit St. Catharines
  • Phone: (905) 325-0309
  • Location: 50 Niagara St., Unit C01, St. Catharines, ON (MAP)
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New To CrossFit?

So you’ve heard about CrossFit from a friend, relative or co-worker and you still don’t know what it is, but you are looking to find out.Let us show you what we are all about! Come and get a taste of what our facility, environment and amazing community is really like.

No Sweat Free Intro!
Come on in for a coffee and chat with a coach to learn about what we have to offer here at CrossFit St. Catharines. No obligations, no fees and no workout.. yet! 

Sweat it Out Free Intro! 

Our INTRO class is FREE so we can get the opportunity to get to know YOU, so you get to know US and we can give you a glimpse inside our training methodologies in a fun and positive environment. 

During this class you will get to see what we do here at CrossFit St. Catharines, how we interact with our members, the high standard of coaching and programming and you will learn exactly how adaptable CrossFit is to accommodate anybody at every level.

The intro class is 1 hour, with a fully coached warm up, strength and mechanics component and fun workout of the day (WOD)! You will PUSH through as you take your first sip of the 'Kool-Aid'! Before you know it, the clock will stop and your workout will be complete! Now it's time for high fives and questions (in that order) as you cool down and roll out.

After your intro class you will have time to sit down and discuss why you are coming to visit us, what your goals are and find out exactly what we can do to help you reach them. 

The next step is to discuss joining our FUNdamentals Program which is a three class program to teach you the proper mechanics, and movements that you will need to learn in order to successfully get started in our regular CrossFit classes.

Please click here for more information 
about our Fundamentals program! 

Need more info? Just Ask!     To Book a FREE intro, click here!