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October 2, 2013

Posted Oct 1st, 2013 in WOD

- Pullup/Dip Complex

- 30 Wall Balls
- 20 Ball Slams
- 10 Power Cleans


  • Frank on Oct 2nd, 2013
    OK, today I must comment about myself, just in case anyone is interested. The 'Bonus' round today was 100 DU's. Now I have never done 100 DU's, they may have been posted before, but I cheated on those days. I might have done 60 or 70, but after 3 hrs of effort, who can blame a guy for stopping at that point and getting home for a snack. Today however, was different. I got in 2 sets of 9, 2 of 10, an 11 and a 12 on my way to finishing 100 in around 15 min. Many of you may laugh at that time to do 100 DU's, but I am putting a big star in my log book today, so there. Just in case you are interested.
  • Crystal on Oct 2nd, 2013
    FRANKIE!!!!! I saw you stringing those Double Unders together!!!!! You did those, I did my first strict pullups finally..... twas a good day!

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