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September 2, 2013

Posted Sep 1st, 2013 in WOD

Back Squat 

Prison Rules
@ 135/95
3:00 Rest between rounds  



  • Melissa on Sep 2nd, 2013
    AWESOME workout today - loved seeing everyone :) It feels good to be back :)
  • Tanya on Sep 2nd, 2013
    Great first WOD at the new place!!! It feels like home already. Love it!!
  • Charles on Sep 2nd, 2013
    It's good to be back!! Lovin' the new digs!
  • Berny on Sep 2nd, 2013
    Holy Geez, that was tough. No way I wouldn't have finished without everybody's help. Great seeing the ol' gang.
  • Andrew on Sep 2nd, 2013
    F**** YEAH!!!! Felt great to be back sweating it out. Love the bigger space and new toys. Cant wait to keep it going.....and as I saw on the board today "Lets f***king do this!"
  • Lori on Sep 2nd, 2013
    What a way to start back....Prison Rules lol, thought I was gonna die haha and loved every minute of it!!! Sooo glad to be back at it!
  • clare on Sep 2nd, 2013
    Great space ! Great people ! Great to be there today ! Thanks to Ashley, Justin , Kevin and Rob for "pushing on" and getting us all back there !!
  • Crystal M on Sep 2nd, 2013
    IT WAS LIKE YOUR FIRST DAY BACK AT SCHOOL! I was so hyper hypo! WAHOO!!! Love the new place with all our peeps! I missed my home!

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