Crossfit St. Catharines
  • Phone: (289)668-7409
  • Location: 50 Niagara St., Unit C01, St. Catharines, ON (MAP)
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Family Fit Night

May 23rd, 2018

Youth Open Registration

Sep 17th, 2018

The MERIDIAN SMILES - Run, Walk or Roll

Apr 5th, 2018

Why Cool Down?

Feb 12th, 2018

What Does CrossFit Mean to YOU?

Dec 29th, 2017

Holidays = Food right? Let's see how Coach Vanessa handles it....

Dec 7th, 2017

Age, is just a number.

Nov 26th, 2017


Oct 15th, 2017

Summer is FINALLY HERE! But, where are you?

Jun 12th, 2017

Coaches Corner - A Little Self Reflection

Mar 21st, 2017

Sometimes we need to be honest with ourselves before questioning others.