Crossfit St. Catharines
  • Phone: (905) 325-0309
  • Location: 50 Niagara St., Unit C01, St. Catharines, ON (MAP)
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Welcome to CrossFit St. Catharines!

Lets Do This!

Whether you are brand spankin' new to CrossFit or you’ve got your Fran time down pat and you're looking for a new clean PR, we’ve got the right coaches and program for you!

At CrossFit St. Catharines we have developed our program to quickly and efficiently improve our athletes fitness by combining Olympic lifting, running, basic gymnastic movements and plyometrics into our workout of the day (WOD). Our goal is to help you achieve your long and short-term fitness goals through expert coaching in nutrition, strength and conditioning. You will also learn proper warm-up and cool-down techniques as well as how to spend your recovery days.

We pride ourselves on having a very welcoming environment and an amazing community that will help you learn your true potential, and then help you push your limits and surpass them!

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CrossFit St. Catharines is the result of two CrossFit enthusiasts who wanted to take their love of training and coaching to the next level.

Justin and Ashley have a combined 10+ years of coaching experience in CrossFit, high performance training and recreational sport. It was inevitable that with the time they spent training together and the time they spent learning from some of the best CrossFit coaches in the world, they needed to share their knowledge and create a community that people could call home. Somewhere that people could come and be social, physically active, learn new things, and most importantly have fun working out!

CrossFit St. Catharines classes encompass the whole family from children to adults. Being highly competitive themselves, and with vast athletic backgrounds, they welcome other competitive athletes from a wide variety of backgrounds to take their training to the next level. When Kevin, Justin and Ashley set out on this adventure, they wanted to share everything they have to offer with the community. Since day one they couldn’t have received a better response from everyone and for that, are thankful for such an exciting, challenging, and rewarding journey... that has only just begun!

And thus we have... CrossFit St Catharines!